What happened to the audits page?

When I click on “Audits” page, it returns me raw JSON

Expected outcome:
That I see the Audit UI page :frowning:

Foreman and Proxy versions:
v1.24 foreman & proxy

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
n/a (I think)

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.6

Other relevant data:

I have also seen this, but didn’t file an issue. Right now I can’t reproduce it with 1.24.1.

me neither… do you have any js errors in your browsers? (or server logs) normally the JSON response is used by the browser to display the content…

I managed to reproduce - this happens when you click on the audits button in host detail view. looks like the path there needs to be modified.
Can you please open an issue on redmine @UXabre?


I’ve created an issue: Bug #28843: Audits page doesn't load the UI but the raw JSON output instead - Foreman

When you say “the path there needs to be modified” - does this mean there’s a work-around for this? :slight_smile:

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you can go to the audits page directly from the monitor menu, and search for the host.
The button should either change to point to /audits?search=host=$name, or the react router should be modified to recognize /hosts/$id/audits path as a path that should render the audits page with the appropriate search - right now it only recognizes /audits.

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