What to use for Ubuntu medium?

Hi folks,

I’m replacing our old Foreman server with a new Foreman 1.21 instance. I installed the new instance using foreman-installer.

I notice that there is no installation medium present on the new instance, and I’m a little confused about how to get started. I was expecting Foreman to come populated with URLs pointing to a couple of popular distro mirrors, such as Ubuntu-- is that not the case?

Let’s pretend that I wanted to use a nearby mirror such as http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/ubuntu/. How do I format the URL on the following screen?

CentOS is a little more straightforward, as I simply use a URL such as : http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/centos/$version/os/$arch

This is odd, ubuntu should also have the medium pre-populated during the database seed:

were there any errors during the db:seed stage? Is it possible the medium for some reason doesn’t have any locations or organizations assigned to it (although that should also occur during seeding) - try changing the context to “any organization” and “any location” and see if it is there?

Ahh yes, if I switch to “any organization” and “any location” the entries are there, including one custom mirror that I created yesterday (Called ESnet mirrror).

I am unsure if there were errors during the db.seed stage. However, yesterday my colleague ran apt update on this computer and when I logged into Foreman again, it forced me to select an organization & location before proceeding.

To fix this, I think I need to browse to ‘Administer > Locations > MyLocation’ and then re-add all Media, Provisioning Templates. And then I need to browse to ‘Administer > Organizations > MyOrg’ and do the same thing. Is that the correct procedure?

Does Foreman also normally create Operating Systems by hand? Currently, my Foreman only shows 3 Operating Systems under ‘Hosts > Operating Systems’? Two of these operating systems, Scientific Linux 6.7 & Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS were imported from my test hosts. CentOS 7 is something that I created manually.

This is very odd, is this a fresh install? the media should have been added to the default organization and location during the installation. Or did you delete the defaults and create new ones?
Foreman doesn’t initially create any OSes, but once hosts register via e.g. puppet their OSes are added to the OS list automatically.

I installed 1.20.x in January, and I don’t remember being prompted to add a default organization and location when I installed this. I didn’t delete any defaults on purpose.

This instance sat idle for most of the last month. I was prompted yesterday to add a new organization & location. That was after my coworker unintentionally upgraded Foreman to 1.20.2 (Doing apt upgrade), or when I intentionally upgraded us to 1.21.0 following the Manual.

Foreman doesn’t initially create any OSes, but once hosts register via e.g. puppet their OSes are added to the OS list automatically.

Okay, that’s good to know I assumed there would a list of initial, common OSes, and any new OSes would also be added to the list.

Ah, in fact I just found this in the Manual under 4.4.1 Operating Systems:

Foreman does not come with any Operating Systems by default. However, Foreman will detect the Operating System of any host which reports in via Puppet