When I register a CentOS host with subscription-manager - should it be visible in the dashboard?

When I register a new server (which I want to be content-host) with subscription manager, it seems it does not show up in the dashboard.
I had previously registered this host (where it actually showed up in the dashboard) but it somehow drew the wrong OS (CentOS stream instead of CentOS 8) and I deleted it again.
It then also showed up on the dashboard.
This may have been due to missing Lifecycles and Content Views being setup.
Now, I think I’ve got the whole thing setup better (Content Views and Lifecycles in place).
But the host does not “show up” in the dashboard. So, I assume it’s still lurking there somewhere?

I have installed the katello-ca-consumer rpm, I’ve registered it like this:

subscription-manager register --org="myORG" --activationkey="Foreman_Activation_Key"

I noticed that I don’t get the latest published content view from the foreman-server, so something is “off”.

Expected outcome:
Host visible in dashboard

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:


Other relevant data:

How many organizations do you have?
Do you see your host showing up on Hosts - Content Hosts page in myORG?
Please make sure choosing myORG in the organization dropdown list on the top of the screen.

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I have one organization (I setup foreman with a specific organization, not with the default one, IIRC).
The host does not show up anywhere.

Which is why I suspect something is broken.
But I have no idea what it is and where to look.

OK, so I have multiple locations (two) and funnily enough, the host is there, if I look in the right location.
Or select “Any Location”…


You may be interested in the new registration flow, where you can select Org and Loc as part of the registration process.

See the guide for that Managing Hosts and the deepdive about the feature Global Registration Deep Dive - YouTube