Where are the server logs for updating client packages via Katello?

I am attempting to update content packages on a client machine. I go to
content hosts, select the hosts, select bulk actions and then drop down the
"Update all packages" button and select "via Katello Agent"

At that point, where can I find record of this action? I saw that it
occurred on one of the hosts that I selected (by looking at the yum logs on
the host and then seeing no errata available on the server), but I can't
see any other record of the task completing.

Unfortunately I have another host that was selected accidentally and I
quickly stopped the katello agent on that host so that the updates wouldn't
proceed. But now I can't find any proof that the job is queued or pending
or whether it will run if I restart the agent. Seeing logs that show these
sorts of task would help me to troubleshoot.