Why there is difference in memory when fdi discovered the host?

Hi Guys,

I am running foreman 1.22 version with foreman discovery Image.
i notice very strange behavior of the fdi,

I have server from HP, Dell and supermicro when these server gets discovered from fdi and when i see the json of the facts i notice that actual capacity on the server is 12X64 GB = 768 GB memory DIMM but FDI fact show me 773731 MB = 773 GB Approx why there is difference is in Size?

but this difference I can see in HPE and Supermicro servers but there is no issue in dell ( 32060 MB = 32 GB )

can some one please let me know is this the normal behavior or is there any issue in FDI



FDI uses facter 2.x from puppetlabs. The way this tool reports memory is awful, it does not provide the value in bytes, but in MB and GB. Foreman takes the “memorysize_mb” (MB) value stripping down fraction numbers so keeping only whole MBs.

There might be MB vs MiB problem in facter. You need to check - SSH to the node and call “facter” from the commandline.