Windows DHCP setup

Anyone got updated steps to add a smart-proxy to a windows machine in order to use MS DHCP? Or a working setup?

Steps on the guide are a bit outdated, I’m stuck at the end where when trying to connect it tells me i have the invalid certificates, but paths and everything are different now so i am not sure where i’m messing up.

I did generate my certs with

puppet cert generate <new-smart-proxy-FQDN?

and copied what i think ar the correct ones.

Anyone done this setup recently?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Karepi,

Would it be possible to:

  • share which foreman version and smart proxy version you are using, as well as plugins + versions?
  • Share the version of windows you are running this one
  • What have you tried so far (besides the creation of the puppet cert)?
  • Extract and paste the logs (might be interesting that you also skim these logs and point us towards bits that look strange)

I also deploy my smart proxies manually, including the generation of certificates, if I understand the problem a bit better I can share my steps for this (I’m not doing it straight of the bat as it might lead to a more confusing situation if that isn’t your exact problem)

Kind regards!

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Foreman is 2.1.3, on the windows side i got 2.1.4. Managed to make it work without HTTPS. So i am guessing i’m copying the incorrect certificates/keys, but not sure where i am messing up.

Documentation is a bit outdated so after running: puppet cert generate
It created files under:

Install doc mentions i’ll need to copy over:
and ca file

which i did from

all named after the smartproxyFQDN.

Is this the right way to go? Again HTTP seemed to work, but ideally would like to have it running with HTTPS.