Windows provisioning with Foreman and WDS, some questions

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project to spawn new servers from scratch on a VMware
environment, I am using Foreman and WDS. My current flow is this:

Foreman creates a new host on vCenter which boots and gets an IP via MS
DHCP (smart-proxy installed) and after installation the Domain Controller
pushes Puppet agent which automatically talks to Puppet and receives a

I'm having a few problems with this:

  1. I can't seem to get the hostname, which is presented by DHCP (through
    Foreman), to be assigned to the VM. (I added computername = %MACHINENAME%
    to the unattended.xml file in WDS)
    I have 2 unattended files, one for boot and one for the installation
    itself; is this correct?

  2. I currently use a linux pxe default template to provision a Windows VM,
    this offcourse does nothing to help with the process other then creating
    and booting the vm and making a reservation in DHCP.
    I want to know how to make a Windows template for booting, how to add
    information to DHCP reservation; anyone?

If anyone needs some help from me, just let me know.

Kind regards,