Windows Smart Proxy Upgrade

In the past, a coworker followed the docs to install a SmartProxy in Windows. And he was successful.
Now I鈥檓 the lucky guy who has to do an upgrade :slight_smile:
My questions are:

Do I have to follow the same steps as the installation docs suggest?
Or can I only replace the old smart_proxy folder with the new one? (Downloaded from here: Releases 路 theforeman/smart-proxy 路 GitHub)
What is the official approach?

You can follow the installation steps in the docs.
In my case I was using Ruby 2.3 and SmartProxy 1.20.3 and wanted to update to 1.21.
Since Ruby 2.3 is still a valid version, I didn鈥檛 change it.

The following steps were required:

  • a new bundle install run
  • make sure your SSL certs are in the right place
  • also the old settings.yaml file has to be ported to the new smartproxy folder

I forgot to mention an additional point.

  • If you are using modules eg. DNS, you have to port the old dns*.yaml files in the config/settings.d folder into the new smartproxy folder.

We have a migration script that is present in the git repo, our installer does this for you but not in Windows. There should be a rake task you can use to migrate the settings, or you can as you figured out do this manually.

Consider writing a post into Tutorials sections on this forum, thanks!