Windows system setup with Ansible. Unable to associate with a VM from the vCenter


I would like to manage the lifecycle of a VM with Foreman and Ansible. I
have got Foreman (1.14.3, latest stable from EPEL) connected to the VMware
vSphere vCenter 6.5.
When I tried to setup a linux system with Ansible (2.2.1, latest stable
from EPEL), it showed up in Foreman in the list of hosts without any
and the system was also associated with a VM from the connected vCenter. On
the other side, when I am trying to setup a windows system,
even tough it appears in the Foremans list of hosts I'm not able to
associate this system with a VM from the connected vCenter.
Also the degree of information displayed in Foreman for the windows system
is far lower than the one of the linux system,
despite the fact that Ansible callback plugin seems to reported similar
list of gathered facts to Foreman.

Has anybody encountered with the same problem or possibly knows where the
problem is and how to get around it?

Thank all of you for any helpful answer in advance.