Wish of new function: setting parameters within host_collections

wish of new function: it should be possible to set / overwrite (ansible) variables (and maybe roles) per host_collection too … the more i think about it: this would be the best possibility together with the option to select whether to merge or not (similar to the option under the ansible variables directly) to rebuild a kind of ansible group functionality which allow membership of hosts in different groups at the same time

But host collections are a Katello only thing if I remember correctly.

But there were already some discussions in the past to change hostgroups functionality, so perhaps it is time to bring up this topic again.

and how to do that? I think, I’m not the only one …
first fast idea: a host can be member of several host_groups and one of them is the primary (this is used for creating the host and so on). On all secondary host_groups these options (like location, OS, Content View and all the others of this kind) are greyed out. All other parameters which are mergeable (in my case ansible roles and variables) can be manipulated …