Workaround ideas for Puppet module adding issue

Hello everyone,

I have opened up Bug #16309: Cannot add Puppet module to content view if there are too many to choose from - Katello - Foreman in regards to an issue where you can't see the full list of available Puppet modules when you try to add one to a content view if there are too many. That issue is starting to impact me more than expected and I'm looking for ideas for workarounds in the meantime.

Here are the basics:

Content View -> Puppet Modules -> Add New Module -> Filter (name = "foo" or author = "bar") -> Select A Version

After clicking the "Select A Verison" button, the list on the next page is truncated at 39 entries, ordered by author. So if your module is number 40+ in the list it doesn't show up. Any filter applied on this page is only on the current list.

For an example of this, sync Puppet Forge and then try and add the "ssh" module. Since modules show up at least twice (explicit version + "Use Latest") there are over 39. Alphabetically (by author) the module I want is low in the list, so it doesn't even show up.

Is there maybe a CLI command I could use? I'm looking into the API as well…