(Working) OMAPI statements for SPARC vendor-options support in ISC DHCP


I'd like to refer to the older post about the subject -

There was also an issue raised to track this -

it was commented that SPARC boot is currently impossible by ISC OMAPI
limitations, however I'd like to report that I got it working in my
I grouped all SPARC SUNW options into following OMAPI statement object:

set statements="vendor-option-space SUNW; next-server=0a:e5:0b:18; filename
"inetboot.sun4u.sol_10_0811_sparc.mbl"; option SUNW.JumpStart-server
"js-server:/Solaris/jumpstart"; option SUNW.sysid-config-file-server
"js-server:/Solaris/jumpstart/sysidcfg/sysidcfg_primary/sysidcfg"; option
SUNW.install-server-hostname "js-server"; option
SUNW.install-server-ip-address; option SUNW.install-path
"/Solaris/install/Solaris_5.10_sparc_hw0811"; option
SUNW.root-server-hostname "js-server"; option SUNW.root-server-ip-address; option SUNW.root-path-name

This populated following lease:

host sparc-host{
hardware ethernet 00:21:28:6d:62:e8;
supersede server.vendor-option-space = "SUNW";
supersede server.next-server = 0a:e5:0b:18;
supersede server.filename = "inetboot.sun4u.sol_10_0811_sparc.mbl";
supersede SUNW.JumpStart-server = "js-server:/Solaris/jumpstart";
supersede SUNW.sysid-config-file-server =
supersede SUNW.install-server-hostname = "js-server";
supersede SUNW.install-server-ip-address = 0a:e5:0b:18;
supersede SUNW.install-path =
supersede SUNW.root-server-hostname = "js-server";
supersede SUNW.root-server-ip-address = 0a:e5:0b:18;
supersede SUNW.root-path-name =

On the SPARC client side I've verified all vendor option values with
dhcpinfo and they were set up properly. I was able to jumpstart and build
Solaris SPARC.

Given that the above worked and that SPARC support in ISC DHCP via OMAPI
has been already requested by a number of people, could we implement it in
This will, in my opinion, drive product popularity even more higher.