Your input needed! Foreman Community Survey (2017 edition) is ready!

Hi all

I'm happy to announce the 2017 community survey is now ready for your input!
Tell us how you use Foreman, what's good/bad, and help us shape what the next
year of Foreman looks like!

This year we've gone to a multi-page format - mainly for readability and
sensible groupping. It shouldn't really take much longer to complete than last

However, to say thanks for giving us your input, we're going to be giving away
some prizes in a raffle at the end of the survey! We're looking at getting a
couple of RaspberryPi3 (or similar SoC devices) to give away, plus t-shirts &
stickers to runners up. A chance to have your own Foreman sandbox for messing
about on - so get responding!

I don't want to make this too burdensome, as we're an awesome & sensible
community, but here's a minimum disclaimery stuff:

  • You'll have to give a contact email address at the end of the survey to be
    in the raffle, but it's entirely optional. You can remain anonymous if you
    prefer. All email addresses will be deleted after the raffle, in any case.
  • If shipping/customs is tricky, I might have to give you a gift card for an
    equivalent amount. We'll work it out.
  • Raffle will be done live on a future Communty Demo (prior notice be given) -
    email addressses will not be fully revealed (that would be a data breach!),
    but I'll show part of the address so it's clear that I'm not making it up :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your participation in Foreman - I look forward to writing the
analysis blog post in a month or so :slight_smile:


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