1.17.2 release plan

This is a thread to track the 1.17.2 release plan, I’ll make this first post a wiki so everyone can edit it and we can have it up to date. Let’s try to release 1.17.2 in early June if possible. Please try to give priority to fixing any issues on this list.

Current issues tarrgeted for 1.17.2:

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I’ve added Bug #23621: fips mode breaks ESXi deployment - Foreman to the list we should take care of in 1.17.2. Apparently the FIPS motivated removal of MD5 as a password hash method broke ESXi deployments with Foreman. As we didn’t deprecate this properly, but just removed this without warning, I think we should re-add this and just hide the option in the UI when MD5 is not available.

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I think you should be able to edit the first post and add it to the list :wink:


Is there already a plan when 1.17.2 should be released?

Most of the focus recently has been on making 1.18 RCs stable. With RC3 coming out, which seems to have most issues fixed, I hope @Ondrej_Prazak will be able to get some time to look into starting work on 1.17.2.

I’ve updated the list above with all the issues currently targeted at 1.17.2. Looks like there’s quite a few currently in new, I would like to go over them in this week’s triage meeting and see which ones should really by 1.17.2 and which ones should be pushed out to 1.18. In any case, even if some of them are removed from the release, we’ll still need to fix the others for 1.17.2 to go out - any help with that will be appreciated.