1.17 RC schedule?


Just wondering if anyone who is doing the build preparations for 1.17 can share any information about the schedule?


I had hoped to complete all installer module releases last week but there’s still a few left that I need to finish. That is blocking tagging of the RC builds but I’m fairly sure I can finish that tomorrow. When the tags are there we can start building RC1. With the foreman RC1 built we can rebuild plugins.

This is my view on the process. Perhaps I’m missing some steps or blockers so @Ondrej_Prazak should add his side of it.

There is one cp for 1.17 that hasn’t been merged yet, but no blockers that I know of. Once we have the repositories tagged, we can start building RC1.

since this is now cherry picked, can we simply tag? who owns that? - thanks :slight_smile:

Tagging in one repository (or rather all but one) means you still can’t kick off the release pipeline so I don’t how much it actually buys you.

All the modules have been released and the PR to the installer has been opened:

Once that’s merged we can tag and start the RC build process.

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foreman, foreman-selinux, foreman-installer and smart-proxy have 1.17.0-RC1 tags and I kicked off the release pipeline.