1.17 tfm-rubygem-{logging,awesome_print} RPM versions

Hello all,

Currently we ship tfm-rubygem-logging 1.8.2-5 but in nightly we carry 2.2.2-1. The latter doesn’t print deprecation warnings about Fixnum. We have the same with tfm-rubygem-awesome_print (1.7.0-2 vs 1.8.0-1). We’re already quite late in the release cycle (RC2 is out), but I think this is very valuable for hammer users. Should we include these newer versions in 1.17?

cc @Ondrej_Prazak

How long do we have that in nightlies? I lean towards putting into 1.17 of course if @Ondrej_Prazak is OK with that.

http://koji.katello.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=23415 and http://koji.katello.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=23416 are both from January 23rd so a bit more than 2 months.

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I am ok with it.

I openend: