1.18.0-RC1 has been released

Foreman 1.18.0-RC1 is now available for testing, big thanks to everyone who contributed.

Please help by testing and getting it release-ready. We expect there
to be one more release candidate before 1.18 is released, so look
out for that in the near future.

Installation quick start:

Upgrade instructions:

Release notes:

This is also a good time to improve translations for existing locales to
ensure full coverage. Help out at

Lastly, do take note of the upgrade warnings and deprecations in this

Packages may be found in the 1.18 directories on both deb.foreman.org and yum.theforeman.org, and tarballs are on downloads.theforeman.org .

The GPG key used for RPMs and tarballs has the following fingerprint:
6973 3EEC D1AE 1E23 71FA 04EA 4C3D D0B3 57CE F41F


I have sent Transiflex announcement: https://www.transifex.com/foreman/foreman/announcements/8869/

There is still time for translators to catch up. I encourage plugin authors to extract i18n strings and push into develop/master branches for them to show up in Transiflex.

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