1.22.0 : System Purpose Mismatched & runtime seconds increased after upgrade


After the upgrade from 1.20/1.21 to 1.22 all the hosts have the warning “System Purpose: Mismatched”:


the ansible callback, registration, licenses works fine and no other problems are present or errors in the production.log.
If I manually modify the field, eg as Standard, it start working:


There is a way to setup as Standard automatically? We’ve a huge number of server and editing each server manually will be “annoying”.

Expected outcome:

The System Purpose : Matched

Foreman and Proxy versions:

1.22 / katello 1.12

foreman.noarch                         1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-cli.noarch                     1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-debug.noarch                   1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-installer.noarch               1:1.22.0-1.el7      
foreman-installer-katello.noarch       1:1.22.0-1.el7      
foreman-postgresql.noarch              1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-proxy.noarch                   1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-release.noarch                 1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-release-scl.noarch             7-2.el7             
foreman-selinux.noarch                 1.22.0-1.el7        
foreman-vmware.noarch                  1.22.0-1.el7        
katello-certs-tools.noarch             2.5.3-1.el7         
katello-selinux.noarch                 3.1.1-1.el7         
katello.noarch                         3.12.0-1.el7       
katello-agent.noarch                   3.5.0-2.el7        
katello-certs-tools.noarch             2.5.3-1.el7        
katello-client-bootstrap.noarch        1.7.2-2.el7        
katello-common.noarch                  3.12.0-1.el7       
katello-debug.noarch                   3.12.0-1.el7       
katello-default-ca.noarch              1.0-1              
katello-host-tools.noarch              3.5.0-2.el7        
katello-host-tools-fact-plugin.noarch  3.5.0-2.el7        
katello-repos.noarch                   3.12.0-2.el7       
katello-selinux.noarch                 3.1.1-1.el7        
katello-server-ca.noarch               1.0-1              
katello-service.noarch                 3.12.0-1.el7       
pulp-katello.noarch                    1.0.2-1.el7  

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data:

No errors on production.log but after the upgrade I noticed a big increase of the used seconds into the runtime graph for every server: