404 error on unattended pxe install

Problem: I have been trying to get foreman setup and working and having mixed success. Currently I am getting stuck at
Warning: anaconda: failed to fetch kickstart from http://foremanserver/unattended.....
with curl reporting URL returned error 404 not found.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8.8

Other relevant data:
I’m testing in an isolated VM environment and as far as I can tell DHCP and DNS is working as expected. The request appears to be hitting my foreman server as the production log is reporting:

2023-11-06T12:10:20 [I|app|ea1bae68] Started GET "/unattended/provision?token=929b92ce-a387-4f81-8404-0d654160bd91" for at 2023-11-06 12:10:20 +0000
2023-11-06T12:10:20 [I|app|ea1bae68] Processing by UnattendedController#host_template as TEXT
2023-11-06T12:10:20 [I|app|ea1bae68]   Parameters: {"token"=>"929b92ce-a387-4f81-8404-0d654160bd91", "kind"=>"provision"}
2023-11-06T12:10:20 [E|app|ea1bae68] unable to find provision template for lynn-carbary.testcluster.cluster running Rocky 8.8
2023-11-06T12:10:20 [I|app|ea1bae68]   Rendered text template (Duration: 0.0ms | Allocations: 1)
2023-11-06T12:10:20 [I|app|ea1bae68] Completed 404 Not Found in 34ms (Views: 0.3ms | ActiveRecord: 19.1ms | Allocations: 7984)

I’ve managed to resolve the first issue by associating 3 provisioning templates with the host group and OS that I’m using from the Hosts > templates > provisioning templates menu and then going to association on each each template

  • Kickstart default PXELinux
  • Kickstart default
  • Kickstart default finish

But what I don’t fully understand is why or rather how. As under hosts > provisioning setup > operating systems > rocky 8.8 > Templates the values are all blank except for the PXELinux template and the Host initial configuration template.

Have the other values just defaulted to the only ones associated? or is there something else going on I don’t fully understand yet?