A Big "Thank You" to the Foreman Community!

Hi all,

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much to this amazing community!

I just completed a huge project which involved rolling out CentOS to 6000 systems of a purely bare metal environment and distributed across the United States using Foreman. It was a massive undertaking for me personally, but this community made it so much easier and I’m forever in it’s debt.

A special thanks to the below folks:

@lzap - Dude, you were a massive help with building my custom discovery process. Thank you!
@mcorr - Melanie, you make this place feel, oh so warm and cozy. The best community manager ever!

Anyways, I’ve taken a lot of help from this community and I hope one day I can offer it back in the future. See you guys around!


Congratulations @fresh-pie !
It has been a pleasure reading your updates and watching the progress of your project!

If you’d ever be willing to sit down with me and talk about your use case, it would prove invaluable for those trying to achieve what you’ve just managed!