A) tags in Foreman, b) sync time

You may tell foreman to use a custom run interval (e.g. 12 hours)
change your settings.yaml (/etc/foreman/settings.yaml)

#:puppet_interval: 60


··· On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 5:34 PM, CraftyTech wrote:

a) does anyone know how do I tag systems via foreman? do I just enter
tags value via “add parameter”? and if that’s the case, is it “tag"
"tags”… essentially I want to be a able to tag the systems via
foreman, and then be able to use those tags in my puppetrun… :slight_smile:

b) I see that in foreman, systems are considered to be in sync, if
they have checked in with puppetmaster every 30 mins… is there a way
that I can change that time? let’s say… 12 hours, as that’s how
often I have my clients to check in… One issue that arises from
this situation, is that the query interface only queries items that
are “in sync”… any suggestions?


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