A UI/UX team has been opened in github

Hi all,
We’ve opened a new UI/UX team in github.

We’re about to change CODEOWNERS file, in order to allow approval on UI changes from the team members, and shorten the whole process.

Any thoughts?


As I mentioned in the PR: the GH team needs to be a committer on the core repo for CODEOWNERS to work. I don’t know if every member (current or future addition) currently has write access, but if they should go through the nomination process like everyone else.

Oh :frowning:
We can still use prprocessor or mention-bot in order to mention UI/UX team on UI changes.

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Thank you for creating that!

Using mention-bot seems like a good solution to me. It will also enable adding wider audience that is interested in what’s going on but doesn’t necessarily have ambitions to become committers (like our UX designers).

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