About Foreman Content View version update

In my Sync Plans section, rhel8 repositories are automatically updated daily. However, I noticed that although my rhel8 repos are automatically updated on the foreman side of my servers, it does not receive new updates unless I run content view/rhel8/version publish and promote and switch to a new version. Isn’t there an automatic way to do this in Foreman? Do I need to constantly follow new updates and update the version?


For example, it should normally download Rhel 8.9 content now, but it has not. How can I solve this problem?

If a host is assigned to a content view and/or lifecycle environment, you must publish the content view (and promote it, if environment is non-Library) before the host will see any updates.

If you assign your hosts to “Default Organization View” and the Library environment, the host will get updates immediately, as soon as the repositories are synced in Katello.