About Provisioning Templates

This is a helper for you to confirm that the templates do resolve and
they resolve to the templates you expect. You don't need to click it if
you're confident!

A common problem is that people add a new operating system to Foreman,
but don't associate templates with it (this has to be done from the
template itself) and so for example, the host may not have a "provision"
or PXELinux template. This would then cause an error during the build

You can also have more complex association rules with environments and
hostgroups, so this button helps you test these resolve correctly.

··· On 24/04/13 10:28, 叶璐 wrote: > in the edit hosts >> operating system > I saw sth like that:Provisioning Templates >>resolve > > * Display the templates that will be used to provision this host > > do I really need that?? > or this step just show the available templates? > > or can I just use the api to make it and how?

Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Engineering