Access to codeready-builder repo during the build of a new host

Problem: Failed to get access to codeready-builder repo during mastering process of a new host.

Expected outcome:

**Foreman and Proxy versions:**3.7.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

**Distribution and version:**RH8

Other relevant data:

I try to master a host with RH8. I synced all the RH8 repo (OS and kickstart). Failed to launch install process with os branch, so I use kickstart, but configure OS branch during installation.
But some packages from epel requires codeready-builder repo, and when the install process check dependency at the beginning of the process it fails.
Is there a way to resolv this ?
Did I miss something ?
Or should I split my packages list in order to install those from epel and codeready-builder during post-install ?


just realize the problem is once more the “RPMS” repos.
Even if they are in my content view, I cannot browse them, and they are not available for kickstart install.