Access to contenview repos without agent or subscribtion-manager (yum)

i want to use foreman and the Contenviews as a Repository Server.
But i do not want to install a agent to my systems and i also dont want to use subscribtion-manager.
I only want to use yum _repo on consuming site.
Is this possible?

You will lose a big part of the functionality, but yes it works. When you select publish via http for a repository, you get an URL you can use on your systems as repository.

Hi Dirk,
thanks. That is right but http isn´t error-prone like agents or subscribtion-manager…
Via http i can access the Repository but not the ConentView Version with the Repository or?

is what you get. So no direct access to a specific version, only to the version promoted to a contentview.

I publish everything to an environment.
But i do not the the repositories via http. It is possible that I need to use https?

https uses certificate based authorization, using this without the agent is to much work I think.

Okay - http is just fine for me.
But i could not see the repositories. I only see the libary but no other environments i have created.

/pulp/repos/<ORG>/<ENV>/<CV>/custom/<PRODUCT>/<REPO> is what’s working for me.

Which Katello version are you running?

Version 1.20.2
I get 404.
If I use the content via subscribtion manager everything works fine.
But the subscribtion manager is no option for me.

Pulp Repository Content
Parent Directory