ACTION NEEDED - Redmine permissions cleanup

As per this post @ekohl and I have just restructured the Redmine Project hierarchy to better account for how we use Versions in different ways.

This has had an effect of altering how the Manager and Developer roles are inherited across various projects. As such, you need to check your permissions!

Here’s the checklist:

If you just want to report (or comment on) issues

You don’t need to do anything. All users can report issues on all projects, and comment on them.

If you need Developer access

All projects have a number of Manager users listed on the Project frontpage e.g. Katello. If you should have Developer access to a project and don’t, please contact a manager who should be able to add you to the developer list.

(Managers - go to [ your project ] /settings/members to add a user)

Please try to avoid contacting admins for this - we have so many projects now, it’s almost impossible for us to know who should / shouldn’t have access to things. However, if you’re blocked and no managers are available, we can try to help - please post here in that case.

If you need Manager access

We’ve tried to preserve / add appropriate managers where possible, but it’s not always easy to know who’s right in each case.

If you are responsible for a particular project but don’t have Manager-level access, then an existing Project Manager can add you (or again, you can comment here and one of the Redmine admins can fix it for you).

Side note on email flurry

As a side note, sorry about the mass email that happened - this occurred when moving the Katello project underneath Plugins - for some reason this caused all the Katello versions to revert to “Not Shared”, and some old issues (about 60) which were using shared version received an update as a result. As far as we can tell, no live issues are affected (as the current Katello subprojects use their own versioning anyway).

As always, report any issues here too, we’ll take a look.