Active Directory integration

Is there a way to integrate hosts provisioned by Foreman with Active Directory in the same manner it’s possible to with FreeIPA? I was reading this page: RealmJoinIntegration - Foreman and it’s unclear to me if this is currently possible.

I also came across this on GitHub: GitHub - theforeman/smart_proxy_realm_ad_plugin: foreman-proxy realm plugin for Active Directory but it hasn’t been touched in a few months so I’m curious if it’s still be developed/maintained/supported

In my ideal world it would be nice to provision a host and have it join AD in a specified OU and also add that host to any specified netgroups

IIRC the plugin should work, but we’re missing the snippet to enroll the host in AD as part of the provisioning. The person who was working on that moved to another project. If you’d be willing to try it out and contribute the missing snippet, that would be great. The assumption is, no coding required.l besides the template snippet.