Ad hoc tasks and Foreman

I’m a Puppet and Foreman newb, so please forgive what may be an obvious question (though I have searched through previous posts before sending this in, promise …)

I need a way to kick off ad hoc tasks (i.e., go install the Veritas NetBackup 8.1 RPM on hostname.) I know that Puppet Bolt can do this if I provide right keys etc. My question, however, is this: what functionality does the “Tasks” plug-in for Foreman provide? I can’t see any means for creating tasks there, nor can I find any Foreman documentation on creating tasks via CLI. Or am I supposed to create tasks in Bolt and they’ll show up in Foreman?

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What you are looking for is the Foreman Remote Execution plugin, which is used exactly for this use case (and allows lot of other related capabilities such as scheduling jobs, running them on multiple hosts at once and more).
The tasks plugin is a back-end that allows Foreman to perform actions that require asynchronous execution, and is used by various other plugins to do so, such as Remote Execution.


Thank you so much! I’ll check that out.