AD LDAP authentication

Hi All,

Trying to configure AD LDAP authentication on Foreman 16 running on CentOS 7 - doesn’t seem to work, is that a known issue?



Please provide some more information like error message, log files, etc.

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Hi Bernhard,

The only error i’m getting is i’m using incorrect user name or password… there is nothing useful on the production.log - is there a way to get more useful information regarding the failure? is there another log file i’m missing?


See Foreman :: Manual for enabling debugging options. In another section of the document, the LDAP authentication is described.

Especially enabling debug log level and ldap logger would be helpful. Usually people specify wrong credentials, don’t have firewall on AD side enabled, or do not have TLS correctly configured (untrusted CA, time out of sync).

I did that but still didn’t get any helpful information - I’ll keep investigate it, at this point I think it’s probably a wrong parameter somewhere…
That VM is already AD integrated for OS access so it’s not a firewall or network restriction.