Add aarch64 support to Travis-CI

Hi Team,

I am interested in adding arm64 jobs to Travis-CI.
As we already have arm64 support in Foreman, adding arm64 jobs to .travis.yml should be relevant. I have tested in my travis environment as well and it is working perfectly.

Travis report:
Travis file:

Hello and welcome!

The current future of ARM builds for Foreman is not clear.

Some previous discussions can be found at:


The current state is that starting with Foreman 2.1 we have disabled arm builds completely.
The nodes used for building arm on scaleway are no longer supported and will be completely disabled in the near future. There has been a generous offer to donate a build node on aws, but that has not yet come to fruition. There are some concerns around ensuring build integrity on a node that is donated and not fully controlled by the @infra team. I believe it is possible to resolve them but it would likely require additional work.

Additionally, there is some work required at times to make sure that the arm builds work and are verifying they work. Right now, there are no developers who regularly develop on arm and there are barely any users using the arm builds. The person most familiar with debian packaging and arm has also decided to stop contributing to the Foreman project, so there is not enough know-how in the current @packaging team to address any issues that may arise.

To make the long story short - there are some significant hurdles to resolve before we add CI testing for js to an architecture that we don’t currently have builds for.
If these issues can be resolved, than it may make sense to add the jobs. However, since travis is only used to test JS code which is compiled in production builds and executed by the client, would it make sense to test it on another architecture at all? I would rather invest the effort in testing that the compilation process works correctly across different architectures.