Add new Widgets to dashboard

hi all,

I want add new widget to my dashboard, but its greyed out:

Its possible in foreman to create you own view/page ? I want like Host page but with new column ?

thanks in advance


I create new template, how can I show that on the sidebar?

What exactly are you trying to do?
What widget do you want to add?
That might help us think of the steps to get you there.

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thanks for your answer @mcorr :slight_smile:
I want to check which Wdgets are available, can I create custom widgets, is that possible… to learn more about Foreman, its new for me and Im intereseted in :slight_smile:

And I create also new report template I dont know how/where can I show that…

The easiest way to get data in a custom format is to clone a report template and edit it as you see fit. Check out the ‘Help’ tab in the report template edit screen for more info about what methods you can use in the template.

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thanks for your answer @jeremylenz , I create report template and when I click on preview tab I see the result. But I cannot see the new Report Template on the Dashboard, how can I show this on the Dashboard ?

I did not find here too:

maybe its not possible to have it as Widget on the Dashboard right?

No, report templates can’t be added to the Dashboard.

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Thank you @jeremylenz , that mean I can create my Report template and export it to CSV. No any other useful functions I’m Foreman?