Add rails action cable with redux channel

Hey, added this PR and I would like to hear your thoughts about it :slight_smile:

In the PR I setup action cable with a redux channel,
what it means is that we could dispatch redux actions from the server !

by that we could achieve many things, for example:

  • doing real-time forms validations
  • stop doing API polling that often returns no updates from the server.
  • show toast notifications without reloading the page
  • use loading bars properly

and more…


IMHO this is a welcome and overdue improvement. We had hoped to make Puma the default in 2.0 but ran into issues. With 2.1 it will become the default for all installations and we migrate existing installations, but Passenger is still a fallback. Until we drop Passenger, I don’t think core functionality should depend on it. As I said in the PR, best case scenario that’s Foreman 2.2.

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