Add support for ec2 tags during instance creation

Currently, I am working on a feature to add support for EC2 tags.
Initially work started by a contributor and PR is opened -
With current changes it supports below things -

  • User will able to add Tags for a host
  • Before submitting new host form, user will able to remove existing tags
  • After host creation, user will be able to see the tags but won’t be able to remove/add from Host Form

I have shared current screenshots on pull-request and sharing here as well. As it involves UI changes as well on Host form, any suggestions to improve user experience better or is this ok for a first version?

  1. New host form -

  2. Add/Remove tags under Hosts > New > Virtual Machine Tab

  3. Disabled Tags on host edit Form

What do you think?

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Well I’d add a note or icon alongside those grayed tag fields with information they cannot be edited and a host must be created from scratch of they can be edited in AWS directly. This is not a big deal, we have the same for many other fields on other CRs.

Does this also need an API change? This is definitely an useful addition and CLI users might want to use as well.

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Thank you @lzap for inputs.

+1 surely, I will add this.

As it comes under vm’s compute_attributes, API change may not be required but I will confirm this again.
For tracking CLI changes, created - Feature #30020: Add support for ec2 tags during instance creation - Hammer CLI - Foreman
I do need to mention tags format in a documentation for API use.

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