Adding a new interface to a running vmware VM

Hi all,

I’m unable to add an interface to a running vm deployed and managerd through foreman.

I’m able to edit the vm, add an interface, unfortunately, the two important options (nic type and VLAN) are grayed out.
Nic type is incorrectly set to E1000, and VLAN is grayed out with no value at all.
Adding the interface does not add the interface to vmware, it just reserves a DNS entry, without doing anything.
Here’s a couple of screenshots to highlight the problem.
It looks like a bug.
Interface eth2 had been added directly with vmware and name have been changed, but it’s still eth2 in foreman.
All interfaces are reported as E1000 whereas they really are VMXNET3.


i’m facing the same issue - any news on this?

Best regards!

PR is still open for it, but it is stale because of the initial contributor not longer working on it: