Adding a windows dhcp server

I am following the guidelines on how to add smart-proxy to a windows server
for dhcp. I have got up to here:

  1. Create the SSL key
    10.1) Login to your puppetmaster
    10.2) puppetca --generate Smart-proxy FQDN. (Do not use an alias here.)
    10.3) Copy the private key, the public certificate and the ca.pem from
    /var/lib/puppet/ssl over to the locations that you specified in the setting
  2. Test the installation by running ruby bin\smart-proxy.rb
  3. Install the program as a service
    12.1) ruby extra\register-service.rb
    12.2) This may install the service but not run it. If so then try to start
    the service from the Ordinary Microsoft services snapin utility.
  4. You may test connectivity by running the extra\query.rb utility from
    your foreman host. (Note that this file comes from the extra directory in
    the smart-proxy release.)
    Do I need ssl keys for the service to run? I can run smart-proxy from the
    command line ruby smart-proxy and it starts fine but it will not run the
    installed service. When I ruby query.rb it says that I am missing a url
    what do I need to do at this point?


Dominic Kaiser