Adding Foreman into existing Puppet infrastructure

We currently have a HA Puppet infrastructure comprised of: 6 Puppet servers (2 in the US, 2 in EMEA and 2 in Asia) and 1 Puppet CA (standalone). Each pair of Puppet servers is behind two HAProxy LBs… The Puppet servers are running the Open Source version.

The clients talk to a virtual IP on 443, which directs them to the LBs, which then sends the data over 8140 to the Puppet servers pair behind them.

We’re currently running an in-house Puppet Reporting solution on another standalone server, and while basic, it works well.

But now that Foreman is available for the Open Source version of Puppet Server, we’d like to get it up and running. Looking at our infrastructure, what would you Foreman gurus recommend?

Thanks in advance for your time,