Adding new repository to a Content View

We have been syncing "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server - Optional (RPMs)"
for quite sometime without any issues. The repo was not included in our
RHEL 6 content view. Yesterday, I added the repository to the content view
with the following steps:

  1. Content > Content Views > Pick RHEL 6 Content View
  2. Click Yum Content Tab > Repositories
  3. Click on Add Tab > Select "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server - Optional
    (RPMs)" repo and hit Add Repositories
  4. Verify corresponding Update event completed without error via the Tasks

Now, when I go to a RHEL 6 client that is subscribing to the same RHEL 6
content view I do not see "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server - Optional
(RPMs)" repo. I have run "subscription-manger refresh" and
"subscription-manger repos --list". Can someone tell me what am I missing
here? Do I need to publish a new version and promote the CV through
lifecycle environment for a RHEL 6 client to see the new repository? I
would like this repo enabled by default for all RHEL 6 clients subscribing
to this CV.

Thanks for your help!

I’m also curious what is the process to add repository to existing content version.
Did you create new content version to add new repositories?

Thank you