Additional repository for host

we have created big CVs for major releases Centos7, Centos8 etc, where all neccessary packages are included. We have used these CVs for all of our 150 servers.
We would like to have repository for nginx on a few servers, but not on the rest of them. What is the best practice to do this?
Create a new CV where all centos and nginx packages will be included? Or is there any other possibility?

Thank you.

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: 2.3.5

**Distribution and version: Centos 7

I assume the nginx packages you want are not in the Centos repos and are in a 2nd?

If so you have a couple options:

  1. publish a content view with both repositories
  2. Publish a content view with just the nginx repo and then publish a composite content view with both of those content views. The advantage to this is that you can have a standard OS content view that is the same across both sets of hosts. The downside is that there is more to manage.

Hi Justin_Sherrill,
thank you.
Yes, we want to have the latest versions of nginx on 5 servers and we want an older version of nginx on other servers.

For this reason, we need to add nginx repositories for these 5 servers.
It looks like the solution is to create a CV for these 5 servers, where the nginx repository will be.

Either that or keep one CV but make sure to override the repo to disabled for all hosts, enable it only on those 5.

Iā€™d probably go with one CV for the OS, one CV for nginx and for those 5 servers I would create a composite CV of the first two CVs. This gives you a good control over versioning of each separately.