Admin user password not set?


I have open the bug :
Bug #2574

If someone has an idea to update manualy the email or password and if it
will give me a workaround to login for now ?



··· Le vendredi 24 mai 2013 15:42:14 UTC+2, Cédric Dupont a écrit : > > Hi, > > After an install (manual install with rpm and hand config), we get Foreman > working without real issue. > We set login : false from the beginning. > Now we want to activate the login for production conditions. > > But if I use the admin/changeme, it's not working. > I look at the foreman.users table and the password of admin is on UNSET. > So I try without giving password, but authent is refused again. > > Is it a know issue ? (nothing on web for what I look) > Is it possible to reset it from database ? > > Thanks, > > Cédric >