Advice on how to upgrade

Now that foreman 1.22.0 has been released, I could really use some advice on how to upgrade.
I lifted a prior comment from a posting in another thread called Getting Started from back in March …

I’ve been following a few other threads regarding upgrades …

Foreman 1.21 upgrade dependency failures
Katello 3.11 is now available!
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Katello 3.11

Guess I am just a little shy about being in a big hurry to upgrade just yet …
Are there any other considerations I should be worried about?

Katello Upgrade
Upgrading to Foreman 1.21

Smart Proxies ?
SSL Certificates ?
Activation Keys?
Content Host Registrations ?

Other plugins …
OpenSCAP ?
FreeIPA ?

Any known compatibility issues?
I just got this stuff working.
I’m afraid to break it, and having to start over.
Not even sure I would know where to begin again?

So, my question now is: What do I do first? Katello? Foreman 1.21 then 1.22?

If using Katello wait for its release and then follow the instructions in Foreman :: Plugin Manuals. If you want to know more about the update including warnings read both release notes (Foreman and Katello).

I only had updates fail when I had manually installed plugins and release quality was always good enough so I had no need to rollback.

I am currently at:

foreman 1.20.2
katello 3.10.0
puppet 5.5.10

With plugins:
foreman_openscap 0.11.5
datadog_agent 2.6.0

(among others … )

Now that katello 3.12 and foreman 1.22.0 are released,
can I upgrade directly from foreman 1.20.2 to 1.22.0, or do I need to upgrade to 1.21.3 first?
How about the intermediary releases in between?

I ran the command (as recommended in the katello plugin upgrade instructions):

foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check

# foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check
/usr/share/foreman/lib/foreman.rb:8: warning: already initialized constant Foreman::UUID_REGEXP
/usr/share/foreman/lib/foreman.rb:8: warning: previous definition of UUID_REGEXP was here

This script makes no modifications and can be re-run multiple times for the most up to date results.
Checking upgradeability…

Checking for running tasks…
[PASS] - There are 0 active tasks.
You may proceed with the upgrade.

This wasn’t particularly useful to me.

After the updates and repo changes, if I run the command:

foreman-installer --scenario katello --upgrade

what happens to all of the modules that I have installed manually?

PS: I forgot to ask about Puppet 6 ?
Do I also upgrade the puppet server to version 6, or should it remain on 5.5?

upgrade to 1.21 before, according to release note/documentation it’s better/necessary

How? Is that done with the foreman installer, or katello?

More specifically, following the instructions at:

Do I run the foreman-installer?
(without options?)

I’m a little leery of the comment:
Note that the installer can modify config files so this may overwrite your custom changes.

I upgraded to katello 3.11 and when 3.11 it’s done I upgraded to 3.12, I followed the upgrade doc - Foreman :: Plugin Manuals and Foreman :: Plugin Manuals

it upgraded both, katello and foreman

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Thank you, Matteo! That worked beautifully! Simple and elegant.

I am now at foreman 1.22.0 and katello 3.12.0.