Is it possible to add sha to ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS variable? Because I’m getting error when I try to add custom repository.

contains forbidden checksum type ‘sha’, thus can’t be published. Checksum must be one of the allowed checksum types.
You can adjust these with the ‘ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS’ setting.

is ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS variable and where can be set?

Foreman and Katello versions: 2.3.5 / 3.18.4

What repository are you syncing?

its a private yum repo

“sha” is actually “sha1”, just the name from old times.

If it’s a private repo, then just generate hashes with sha256 and that should do. If you think it has to be sha1, then make sure it’s called sha1 and not sha…

I’m not the owner of the repo. What should owner do to generate hashes with sha256?

It depends how the repository is created. The owner should know…

is foreman checking this sha per package or is this in repodata/*.xml files?