Almalinux9 is not working

Hi ,

can you please check below snapshot and suggest for ubantu OS installation issue?

As the error says: you have not set PXE Linux template for your operating system “ubuntu 20”. Configure the templates on the Templates tab of the Edit page of the operating systems…

Please find the provision template and let me know your suggestion if required any correction

You have to modify the operating system, not the provision template.

Operating system

I have modified about the template Please find the above screenshot and suggest on it

can you please above screenshot and suggest on it for release name ?

Why do you keep modifying templates? Don’t change them. They’ll work. If it doesn’t, it’s a bug. Don’t change them. Don’t clone them and modify them. So far, every time you did you broke it.

You are editing “UbantuOS 20.4” and for the host you chose “ubantu 20”. You really have to look at the template for the operating system you choose. And you should make sure to use clear naming.

thank you, let me try and i will update you.

Please find the reply for all screenshots for the operating system
Release Name : i have mentioned focal kinly let me know if i am wrongly mentioned.

I highly suggest a) opening a new thread if provisioning hosts with Ubuntu 20.04 fails and b) having a look at the documentation. You can probably start with Creating an Operating System for Ubuntu.

In various screenshots, you’ve entered the wrong major version, code name, and partition table.

I can only repeat:

You have to understand that you need to edit the items which you use… Editing others doesn’t help. Really. It didn’t work before. It doesn’t work now…

do you want me to clone the template then do we required to modify?

let me explain what I mean here.

Since the Linux host_init_config default template already exists, I have not generated any provisioning templates.

I created the installation materials shown in the screenshot below.

I have created operating system which is mentioned below

the below one is Host group which we created.

Please let me know if required to modify provistion template which i need to clone then i can modify it.

No. Please read what I wrote: Do not clone templates. They work as they are. There is usually no need to change them.

As I wrote multiple times by now: you really must make sure you know what you select and what you edit. In your screenshots before, you have selected “ubantu 20” as operating system for your host, but then you edited the operating system called “UbantuOS 20.4”. Those are two distinct, different operating system objects in foreman.

If you select the former and edit the latter, it will change absolutely nothing. You must understand that you select and edit the correct objects. Only because they have similar names doesn’t mean it’s the same object.

But, yet, you keep creating additional operating systems like “UbantoOS 20.04.4”, adding to your own confusion. It doesn’t help if you end up with a dozen different objects for ubuntu 20.4 all named similar in one way or another.

There is hardly any reason why you would need more than a single operating system object for Ubuntu 20.04…

Either way: you have to make sure that you select the correct operating system and if you want to make changes for that operating system you must make sure it’s the correct one you edit and not one which has been named similarly…

I created the only one ubantu operating system using the below choices since I am deploying the OS using the version below.
Please correct me for major and minor name required to update
Archive: focal
Version: 20.04
Component: main
Origin: Ubuntu
Label: Ubuntu
Architecture: amd64

received same error even when we modified about operating system which we created.

I have mentioned with major version 20 and minor version 04 which we created operating system.
Archive: focal
Version: 20.04
Component: main
Origin: Ubuntu
Label: Ubuntu
Architecture: amd64

Partition table selection

Once we created operating system which is selecting template itself it with below one.

Still i am getting same error while installing os on virtual server

Well, I suspect this is either because you use your own mirror and it doesn’t include everything needed to set it up or the problem is that it doesn’t recognize your installation media “ubanto20” as ubuntu. Maybe you should remove all those broken and mislabeled os, medias, etc. start over using the correct names?

Either way: this has absolutely nothing to do with your original problem anymore. Open a new topic which makes it clear that it is about ubuntu.

Ubantu Installation is not working created new topic on ubantu installation issue.

please can any one help on it as we created new topic for ubantu instllation

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