Ubantu Installation is not working

Problem: ubantu OS installation issue on virtual erver

Expected outcome:: 3.3

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.3

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:**3.3

**Distribution and version:**3.3

installation media created.

while doing os installation we are getting below error

I have mentioned with major version 20 and minor version 04 which we created operating system.
Archive: focal
Version: 20.04
Component: main
Origin: Ubuntu
Label: Ubuntu
Architecture: amd64

Partition table selection

Please suggest me about ubantuos download link so i will try to download it.
currently i am using below ubuntu software

If anyone who can suggest for ubantu installation using foreman

You have to set the Major version to “20.04” for your operating system. See Provisioning Hosts

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I have updated major version is 20.04 even i am getting same error while doing os installation.

Ubantu is not ubuntu? Spelling could be the reason maybe? The templates will look for ubuntu, not ubantu. :ok_hand:

yes spelling issue. and let me change and will verify

It looks like the OS is not correctly associated with a PXE template. Check in both Hosts > Provisioning Templates > the PXE templates and Hosts > Operating Systems > Ubuntu 20.04 on the templates tab.

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Please find the below screenshots

partition table

instllation media

template which is selected itself it

coming to installation media

where we have OS software which is mentioned below

You are missing the templates in the “Ubuntu 20.04 > Templates” screenshot. As I said above, you’ll have to associate the OSes with the templates first. I’d also fix the spelling mistake. See Configuring Provisioning Resources.

template screenshot given below

if anyone can help on this it would be really help for us for Ubuntu OS installation

I have mentioned in the other thread I highly recommend to delete all those incorrectly named media, operating systems, etc. and start over.

Your installation media looks weird. It doesn’t look like that at ubuntu: Index of /ubuntu

Second, at some point somewhere foreman must detect that it’s ubuntu. Your installation media is named “ubantu” or operating system is named “UbantuOS”. I guess based on that foreman simply doesn’t understand that you mean “Ubuntu” and thus doesn’t know how to handle it, except that it knows it’s a debian family. I none of the screenshots I see it called correctly. “Ubantu” is not “Ubuntu”.

really thank you for the replay, and I’ll remove and regenerate it before testing it.

created new installation media.

I have downloaded iso image ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso used the content software form above link which showing screenshot.

created new operating system.

even i am getting same error. Please suggest me

My installation media is not looks like below.

It doesn’t look like that at ubuntu: Index of /ubuntu

you’re still looking at the wrong place. I am unsure why you cannot select any templates on the templates tab for the ubuntu 20.04 OS; but it’s probably either because the names etc. don’t match/align or that you haven’t assigned Ubuntu 20.04 to those templates. See Ubantu Installation is not working - #9 by maximilian

Yes, and that’s bad for a start. How is that supposed to work, if you don’t use the original media? Who knows how broken your mirror is. Why don’t you use the official mirrors?

What do you have in http://ptks.micron.com/linux/centos/ubuntu/dists/ ?
What do you have in http://ptks.micron.com/linux/centos/ubuntu/dists/focal/ ?

You do understand that each version of ubuntu has a different release name? You cannot randomly call Ubuntu 22.04.2 “focal”. The version you use and the release name must match. Anything else is meant to fail.

And it really doesn’t help if you keep changing it during the thread. How are we supposed to keep track what you are currently using?

And as you are even using katello: why don’t you configure a product in katello and mirror ubuntu into katello? It would automatically set up the operating system etc.

It doesn’t look like that at ubuntu: Index of /ubuntu
can you give me that link where we have iso i mage so i will download it