Announcement: Follow Events or 'demo' tag for Community Demos now

Hi all,

TLD;RD - go make sure you’re getting notifications from the Events board :stuck_out_tongue:

As per the discussion in Moving event data to Discourse? I am attempting to streamline the way we handle events. Currently we’re creating 3 forum posts per demo, one to Events, one to Support, one to Development, which is very spammy.

I’m trialling a new process from today. I will create quite a lot of community demos in advance, so you can see in advance when they will be. There will be no post to Support or Development about them, however, the events will be updated one week before with the YouTube link as per normal, which will also be the reminder to think about what you might want to present.

This will remove the duplication spam to 3 separate boards. If you want to stay informed about the Demo events, then you need to either be getting notifications from the Events board (if you aren’t already), or at least get notifications from the “demo” tag. You can find both of these in your personal preferences:

Prefs Screenshot

The events are wiki-topics, and there’s a nicely formatted table for you to add yourself to. I’ll continue to announce things on IRC, but I’ll also send out the presenter URL 15mins before the demo via a forum PM.

I’ll run this new process for at least a few demos so we can get used to it, and then see if it needs tweaking - overall I’m hopeful :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m going to pin this for a couple of weeks so everyone will see it, but you can un-pin it for yourself once you’re read it.