Announcing the Foreman Events Calendar

Hi all,

A new page has just been merged to the Foreman website - you can now see
all the upcoming events in the Foreman Community by going to
Foreman :: Foreman Events! Links are also available from the
Documentation and Contributing landing pages.

The page contains a grid-view calendar which you can use to browse future
or past events, as well as a text listing of all future events. You can
click on the calendar events to jump to the appropriate text listing if you
want to find out more about that event.

There's also an ICS file, which can be added to your calendar application
of choice - the URL is and is linked
on the main events page. Never miss another event!

This calendar is entirely open to contribution too! If you would like to
list an event on the calendar, you can send a patch to

with your event, or you can send the appropriate details to me, and I'll be
happy to add it.

I hope you'll find this useful for knowing more about what's happening
around Foreman, and maybe even for planning your own Foreman events -
please do send me your feedback!


ยทยทยท -- Community Lead IRC: gwmngilfen