Ansible and reports

So I have created roles that are “one off” 's you run them once and you have no need to ever run it again on that host (such as installing a package).
However I see no option to to generate a report other than running those “one off” roles at 30 min intervals. Is there a mechanism for forman to send requests for reports only.
I suppose there is remote exec of a job template which you can use the cron like features of foreman. Maybe I have just answered my question.
In fact maybe those “one off” roles should be in a job template you execute as needed.
Okay here is the question the nodes are all running smoothly, no outstanding action is needed other than a report. What simple instruction does ansible send in order for me to get a report? I know I can just send “ls > null” but seems wrong to send dummy instruction just to get a report.

I’m a bit confused.

Your roles should be idempotent and run regularly. Puppet and ansible (and many other config management centered tools) are designed for this already. You mention a package call, that can be rerun all the time, if it’s there, it “does nothing”

That way “if” anything is ever amiss, it’s fixed, and if not, your 30 minute runs are still checking it all. Makes a nice audit trail for when you need it.