Ansible callback deletes facts stored in TFM


if fact gathering is disabled in any way, at the playbook, in the ansible.cfg etc,
the ansible call back with nuke all your facts stored at TFM.

this is basically a duplicate of an issue/question I submitted about 12 hours ago but I am more convinced now that this is a “defect”

if we think of the facts stored at TFM as a cache, if we naturally expect that to work similar to the way the Ansible fact caching plugins work regarding fact gathering settings, we will be very disappointed.

Expected outcome:

when using the ansible callback, with fact gathering turned off, facts already stored at TFM are not deleted

Foreman and Proxy versions:

TFM 1.24.2
Ansible plugin 4.0.4

Distribution and version:

CentOS 7

Any thoughts anyone?

The answer might be, “that’s the way it’s supposed to work”

which is fine, I just wanted to confirm.