Ansible module become_user don't work from Foreman Job templates

I want to execute a command on remote host with the shell Ansible module and i need to execute this command with specific user like that:

 - name: test
   become: yes
   become_user: {{ my_user }}
   shell: |
     whoami >> /home/fic.txt

But whoami return me that i executed the command with root user while the variable “user” value is not root.

How i can execute command with specific user with Ansible playbook from job template?

foreman_ansible 2.1.2
remote_execution 1.7

I believe you are hitting a bug that is fixed in the foreman_ansible 3.0.0 and later. You also need to set remote_execution_effective_user setting to a blank value for the fix to work properly.

So the side effect of this change is that job templates for non-Ansible jobs will require the Effective user Value will need to be populated?