Ansible module or plug-in for Foreman


I am looking for a Module or plug-in to be used to define the systems via Ansible while connecting to foreman via API to write them and start deploy the systems.

Could you send me some links or third party tools do accomplish this task?

J Torres

I guess, you mean something like this:


That REPO looks good. However, Did you used this one? I need to have one that I can setup easily and start creating playbooks to automate the infra as soon as possible.


Officially there is the ansible plugin for foreman:

There you can send reports to foreman including the creation of new hosts etc.

On the reverse there is a foreman inventory plugin for ansible where you can manage your ansible inventory directly via foreman.

We use both in our rather big environment (~ 600 servers).

Besides…topics like this are not for the Development category, rather Support. Therefore I flagged it together with your double-post. So don’t wonder if it gets moved.

Thanks @martin_angermeier, I’ve moved it to support.